Ideas Modular Kitchens and Interior Designers

Module 1 - Structure

What is a modular kitchen? What are the functions that must be incorporated in the this space? We will answer all of these questions in this module. The we will go and train you as to what are the questions you should ask your clients and how to ensure that you can make a kitchen that incorporates all of their needs. This module will also be an introduction to everything that you will learn in the engineering module.

Module 2 - Engineering

This module will cover the different kinds of material that one can use for making the carcasses of the kitchen and in what situation you should choose which material based on their specifications. The same will be discussed for external finishes as from acrylics, laminates, glass and others. Then we will teach you the dimensions of each module in accordance to the internal fitting, function and appliance.

Module 3 - Aesthetic

The module that everyone has been waiting for. We will delve into different aspects that define the design of a kitchen. From the shutter finishes, counter-top, tiles, appliances to lights.

Module 4 - Case-studies

We will discuss some of our most beautiful projects in accordance to the modules that have been taught to you so that you can have an idea as to how you can apply all of this knowledge