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New Luxurious Shutter Finishes

The interior industry is always evolving to meet the design wants of the customers. Some finishes are in response to the need of a sturdier product while others adhere to the more aesthetic appeal of the home. Additionally some finishes have come back with a new makeover. Through out this article we will be discussing the new finishes that have been making their mark in the interior industry from international brands like Eggar & Alvic to new materials like Laminum.

This is a German brand that is famous for its fabulous finishes. Egger is a market leader of matt, woodgrain and shimmer finish boards all over Europe. All the German brands that you might have heard of Hacker, Hulsta and others all use the boards provided by Egger. What makes them different from their Indian counterparts is the touch factor and the visible veins of the grain on them. They might be known for that but they keep of innovating and coming up with new finishes like the super-matt or the shimmer finish. One of the only reasons that it might not have taken off in the Indian market it that they are made on MFC or MDF boards. Both of them have low moisture resistance and hence people are sceptical is taking them in their shutters. But the quality of the material is great and can be used anywhere in your interiors. 

Another international finish that has been launched in the Indian interior market is the Spanish company Alvic. The great part about their shutters is not only the superior outer finish but also the material from which the shutter is made from. Their outer finishes come is several finishes like super matt, matt with shimmer, unique patterned acrylic finishes and even some stone finishes. They are adapting to the needs of the Indian kitchens quickly by converting the internal material from MDF to HDHMR. Since these are pre-laminated or pre-painted boards their finish elevates the look of your kitchen or interior even further. They have a great touch to it hence making it an even better choice for room decor. They can be taken on large surface areas like the wardrobe to become the defining style of the room or as head boards o side tables to high light the theme that has been picked up. The scratch resistance of some of the finishes is a little low hence you need to be careful while picking up shutters for your kitchen. 

PU Paint
This is actually an age old finish but because of its versatile nature there are always new innovative finishes coming in it. One such finish is the mother of pearl. This is basically the self pattern with a bit of shimmer and different shades of the same colour finished off with a glossy finish. This can be done in almost any shade and adds a luxurious finish because of its chic and complicated look. Another unique finish that has made a comeback is the leather finish. This is a paint finish that is cracked using different  chemical methods. By doing so they achieve a great leather finish to the touch that is perfect for high contact furniture like wardrobes, side tables, back panels of beds or even bar units. With PU paints the only bar you have is your own imagination and ability to maintain it since it’s scratch resistance is medium. Some of the better known finishes of PU are shimmer and metallic finish. Again since these finishes are in paint they can be tweaked to any shade of colour. 

Stone Shutters
To cater to the problem of durability and scratch resistance we have incorporated a new material in shutter finishes. It goes by the name of Laminum. These are ceramic tiles of 3mm thickness. We can make different kinds of shutters from them. They can range from stone pasted on shutter to SS finish edge bending. It gives a rugged and chic look to your interiors. They go really well with matt as well as gloss finishes. 


It has always been a challenge to incorporate glass into the interiors of a home because of its fragile nature. Framing is used to ensure the glass has support and hence becomes a little durable. But that also reduces the aesthetic of the glass shutter. Hence we have come up with a frame that is not only makes the glass look frameless but also provides it better support. This is a handless profile that has grooves on all four sides  hence you don’t have to touch the glass every time you open the shutter hence avoiding finger-print marks as well.


Acrylic paint work
This is the latest trend that has over-taken the interior industry right now. The resin and acrylic shutters are basically water proof paints that can be used to create any sort of design on shutters. It is almost like having a piece of art in the form of a furniture. 

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