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Steel Kitchen V/S Modular Kitchen

Our clients ask us all the time if getting their kitchen made in stainless steel is a good idea or not. We guide them by discussing the formation of the box, the pros, cons, costing and finally wether or not it is satisfying their requirements. In this article we will discuss the same and also compare it to the formation of the wooden modular kitchen. By the end of this article you will be equipped with enough knowledge to make an informed material choice for your kitchen. 

Formation of an SS Kitchen

Sheets of SS steel are moulded into square formations around foam like materials. The grade of steel sheets can be SS 202 or SS 304. SS 202 is rust resistant and SS 304 is rust proof. These sheets are then moulded on foam like materials so that they are not hollow anymore. This is done to reduce the clanking noise, screw holding capacity and finishing of the cabinets. The lining or the filling of the sheets can be either rubber or Eva foam. Eva foam is a preferred choice because it is lighter in weight. When the sides are made they are screwed together with ribits. Holes are made with a machine and then the sides are screwed together to form the form.

The ribits are screwed in place with the help of machines which gives the boxes a neat finishings. The ribits are also used to make provision for the installation of internal accessories and hardware. 

Advantages of steel kitchen

If you are using SS 202 or SS 304 their rust resistance is quite high. You should not face any problem with it unless salty water is being used on a daily basis. They can have a life of more than thirty years if it is not being man handled.

Disadvantages of steel kitchens

Stainless steel kitchens are difficult to alter. Since they are attached with ribits it is a challenge to add new cabinetry in a seamless way or altering the already existing carcasses. The alteration of the existing structure is expensive as well. The second drawback is that the price of a stainless kitchen is at least double of a wooden modular kitchen. The third disadvantage is that the shutter finishes that you can opt for. One can either choose the PU painted finish which gives a great look but are prone to scratches. The other option is the brushed steel finish or the industrial look that is thumb print resistant but gives your kitchen the look of a commercial kitchen. You cannot go for a warm look in your kitchen since wood grains cannot be incorporated in them. 

The fourth disadvantage is that steel is a material that is cold to the touch. Which entails that in winters you will feel a chill every time you come in contact with the cold steel. The last drawback of the steel kitchen is that the internal fittings will not run as smoothly as they would have on wooden carcasses. This happens because the internal fittings and hardware are designed to be installed in wooden carcasses and need a material like plywood that has a good screw holding capacity to work smoothly. 

Steel kitchen V/S Wooden Modular kitchen

This line of debate comes up very often because the price difference between a wooden kitchen and a steel kitchen is enormous. If you started researching on steel kitchens to figure out if they will last you anywhere from 25 to 30 years then you are right. The material is rust resistant and termite proof. But so are wooden kitchens if you choose the right water and termite resistant plywood. There are several brands like Century or Greenlam that provide lifetime warranties and guaranties on their materials.  Further more one can choose any finish from veneers to laminates to acrylics in a wooden modular kitchen. These wooden carcasses can be easily altered as compared to steel ones and because it is plywood the material is warm to the touch. 

Hence we can go as far as to say that the plywood kitchen provides you with better utility and equal longevity to steal kitchens at half the price. If you are looking for a kitchen that will last you for more than 25 years then that is when you should consider investing in a steel kitchen. 

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