Who makes my cabinetry?
The cabinetry is made by our employees in our manufacturing unit in Mayapuri that is installed with German machineries.

What is the structure of your box?
Originally our box structure uses 18mm thick plywood that is laminated with 1mm thick white laminate sheets. The back is made of a bakelite sheet that is a water proof and termite proof material. The box structure is made in such way that only 10 percent of box touches the wall. All of our boxes are assembled using mini-fixes and hence are screw-less and without unnecessary holes. Our sink box is made in a similar way but has a very important addition to it. The inside of the box is lined with aluminium sheets so that the box and the boxes beside it can be protected from water seepage.

What material are your cabinets made of?
Our cabinets are generally made of water resistant and termite treated plywood because it has great screw holding capacity, good strength and durability. We can also customise the boxes in your preferred material like HDHMR, Century Plywood, MFC or steel.

Are the sides of the cabinets finished?
The sides of our cabinets that are made in plywood have a frosty white laminated finish and the edge bending tape of the same colour. The finish of the boxes made in MFC is different. This particular material comes pre-laminated hence the colour will depend on the one that you have chosen.

Do the cabinets have matching interior finish?
The boxes that are made for kitchen cabinetry are made of plywood that has been laminated with a matt white finish. Hence the inside and the outside of the boxes are of the same colour. We construct panels to at an additional cost if you want the visible sides of the boxes to match the colour and finish of the shutters.

Do you offer custom cabinets or modifications?
Our cabinets are made to order in our manufacturing unit in Mayapuri to the unique dimensions of your kitchen. Each kitchen that we make is in accordance to your design requirement and the internal fittings you have chosen for it.

How many shutter finishes do you offer?
Since we have our own manufacturing unit we can make the shutters in any colour or finish of your choice. We have divided our finishes into matt laminate, high-gloss laminate, high-gloss acrylic, PU paint, glass, veneer, stone and steel.

Do you offer soft close hinge doors?
The cost of Hettich soft close hinges are included in our basic cabinetry cost. We also offer soft-close hinges in our cabinetry of another international brand by the name of Marsun that provides the same guarantees and warranties as Hettich.

Do you offer soft close drawers?
The cost of three soft close Hettich drawers and one Grass grain trolley is included in our basic kitchen cost.

How long does it take to make my cabinets?
It takes 20 to 25 working days in our manufacturing unit to construct your kitchen after you have closed the design of your kitchen and paid the required advance

How do I start my kitchen making process?
Make sure you have an estimate amount that you want to invest in your kitchen. Our kitchen renovations start from Rs 1,00,000 and has gone up to Rs. 20,00,00  depending on the size, finish and accessories that you choose. Your budget should include not only the cost of cabinetry, accessories and finishes but the counter-top (granite or quartz), sink and appliances. Some other questions you should about while you are renovating your kitchen are:-
  • What is the size of your room?
  • Do you need new appliances?
  • Does your flooring need replacing?
  • Do you want a particular finish on your backsplash ie ceramic tile or glass?
  • Are you moving or removing any walls or doors?
  • Are appliances or plumbing changing location?

Is there a fee involved?
We do have a marginal designing fee of Rs 3,000 that is adjustable in the final amount when you close the kitchen with us.

What all do I get if I pay the designing amount?
Our experienced site-supervisor will visit your site to get the exact measurement of the kitchen. He will take the details of the appliances that you would want to use in the kitchen as well. You will get 3D views of your kitchen from which you can see exactly how the colours and design will look like. We will also provide you the plan with the measurements.

What all is included in the kitchen quote?
The price of the kitchen cabinetry, internal accessories (drawer, pantry unit, hinges etc.,),  cartage and installation cost are included in the quote that we send you.

Is the countertop included in the quote?
The counter-top cost is not included in the quote that we provide you. But we have vendors that are attached with us and we can co-ordinate the purchase and installation of it once you give us the order of your kitchen.

Are the appliances included in the quote?
The appliance cost is not included in the initial cost of the kitchen that we send you. But once you have decided on your kitchen design we can co-ordinate the appliance booking and installation for you.

Is the sink included in the quote?
The sink cost is not included in the initial cost of the kitchen that we send you. But once you have decided on your kitchen design we can co-ordinate the booking for you. The installation will be taken care by your plumber.

Why do you want to know my budget?
The cost of an average size kitchen can start from Rs 40,000/- that will last you 16 months to Rs 4,00,000/- that will last you close to 120 months. This depends on the material of the boxes, the internal accessories, the shutter finish and countertop cost.

What warranty do you offer on your cabinets?
Our warranties vary from 5 years to 12 years depending on the material that you choose for your carcass. If you choose MFC as the material for your boxes we can give you a warranty of 5 years, if plywood then 8 to 10 years and if you choose HDHMR then 10 to 12 years.

What warranties are there on the accessories that are installed?
We only install accessories of those company that provide life-time warranty like Hettich, Marsun, Grass or Blum. The warranties are subject to mishandling of the accessories.

When should I choose my appliances?
You should be aware of the appliances that you want in your kitchen but you should only buy them after the design has been closed so that your kitchen space can be used in the most efficient way. Most of the appliances come in standard sizes and can be easily accommodated but you can only know which size is ideal for your needs and space after you have had a discussion with a kitchen designer.

Do you do electric and plumbing work?
We provide you the marking for the electric, plumbing and tiling points in accordance to the design that you have finalised with us but we do not execute that for you. Some of the reasons for it are that you might already have electricians and plumbers hired for your site and it is cheaper if you hire a local electrician or plumber. If required we can do the electric and plumbing work for you but that would be a separate quote.