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Ideas Kitchens is the brainchild of Seema Khosla. A dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for conceptualizing new and innovative modular kitchens, Seema has managed to develop a following of customers who believe in her ability to transform their existing kitchens into works of modern art.

Often Seema would notice that every home she visited, the hosts somehow never wanted anyone to go into their kitchen due to it's sheer ugliness. And this sparked the thought of taking up the challenge to do the exact reverse. Which is to remodel an existing kitchen room and bring in the wow factor, whereby giving every guest a tour of the kitchen became a pleasure.

Seema has ambitious plans for her Ideas Kitchens brand. Unlike most people, she prefers to introduce her kitchens to small cities in India, where people never ever get a chance to remodel their kitchen. This perhaps is an effort by Ideas kitchens to connect with families across India. Transforming an existing kitchen into a new modular kitchen can make a significant difference in people's life by bringing the joy of cooking back into the home.

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    Thank you Seema and team. Your Ideas is just fabulous for kitchens. — Dr. Geetu Kukreja, Gynacologist, Punjabi Bagh

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    Now as my new modular kitchen is done, I too feel transformed with my kitchen. — Mrs. Rajani Khanna, World Bank, Gurgaon

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    Thanks for being on time and transforming the kitchen. It was feeling like you were doing it for yourself. — Mr. Inderneel Ghosh, City Bank, Regency Park, Gurgaon

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    Thanks for helping me select the style, colour and material for cabinets. Following your advice I chose laminate since my kitchen is facing a busy street. Now I don't have any worry about dust getting into wood grains. — Col. O.P. Sethi, Vikas Puri

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    We came to Ideas to remodel and design our kitchen. They worked with us through design process and our kitchen became a piece of art. — Dr. Harjeet Chhatwal, Sector-4, Dwarka

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    At Ideas, we have found both aesthetic and functional concept for our modular kitchen. Their product quality is just excellent and pricing is also very reasonable. — Mr. Dushyant Sood, Dupont, The Legend, Gurgaon

Ideas Finest

Director / Head Designer, Delhi Branch
Mrs. Seema Khosla

How we Work


1. Initiation Fee (Site Visit & Designing)

2. Initial Measurement at site by our site supervisor

3. Preliminary design discussion at showroom

4. Finalizing the design and costing details

5. Confirmation of design with 50% of total amount in advance

6. Production starts with a tentative delivery date given


1. Electrical, Plumbing & Gas Connection Markings

2. Flooring, Walls to be plastered & tiled by the customer

3. Final measurement


1. Final polishing & grinding of floor by the customer

2. Ceiling & walls above 7 feet to be painted final coat

3. Final inspection of kitchen modules at the showroom and the balance pending payment in full

4. Delivery of kitchen on same day & installation starts from the next day. *

(Note.: * Cost for civil works, sanitary works, ducting & installation of hob, sink & chimney etc. excluded.)

With Ideas

We're Ideas, envisioning ways to transform the aura and maximize space utilities in kitchens through innovative modular concepts. We have a brilliant history of interiors spreading over a lineage of three generations. Based in Delhi, our predecessors were originally involved in wood panels that enentually got diversified in to plywood and decorative panels with the passage of time.

Today's Ideas is the brainchild of Seema Khosla, a corporatized dimension of the same rich legacy, wherein cometence in wood has been accentuated with creativity tasteful cabinets for cross section of customer portfolio.

We combine extremely modern techniques of cabinetry with the best of material available nationally as well as internationally; and infuse genuine craftsmanship to create masterpiece modular designs for kitchens. We offer a wide assortment of cabinets, both standard and bespoke, to enhance living environment and lifestyles.
It is often noticed that housewives are somehow unwilling to go into the kitchen where they spend most of their constructive time. This virtually happens because of cluttered and unorganised ambience of kitchens uninspiring enough to work around.

This gives way to apathy towards cooking and more reliance on foods prepared outside home. Result is very obvious - increase in expense and decrease in family health.

Apart from that, smaller spaces in contrast with value-added lifestyle in cities also call for an innovative spatial configuration that could enhance the utility and beauty of available spaces.

Even from social standpoint, a housekeeper is known by how beautiful kitchen she keeps. People who have traditional and run of the mill kitchens yearn for kitchen renovation to keep pace with changing times.

As an effective solution to all these issues, Ideas came on the fore. We devise creative solutions for convenience as well as style and pack everything into a mobile, modular unit to bring the joy of cooking back into homes.
If you're building a new home or simply wish to go for a remodeling, Ideas can help you a great deal to add up and pep up the ambience of your most important spot at home. We offer exclusive kitchen cabinets that incorporate functionality, comfort & style and also create a soothing environment to cook.

With Ideas :
• There will be no more space constraint in your kitchen
• You will feel spirited and enjoy complete peace of mind while cooking
• You'll love to cook and try new recipes
• Your food will automatically come out better
• Vibes in your home will turn soothing
• Everyone in family will enjoy good health
• There will be more harmony in personal and professional life
Ideas works more on a designer concept. As first step in the process - we delve deep to know about your cooking style, your demographic and psychographic profiles, aspiration level and other pertinent dimensions.

In the next step, we engage our design team to visit your home and do a sketch drawing of your existing kitchen or the planned one. Further, we make concurrent review of the sketch and your profile, and subsequently draw the blueprint of our proposed modular design.

The layout and images of proposed design is presented to you in 3D to get critical view from all angles followed by the estimate. We accord total freedom to you to either reject or accept our design. In case you have some special preference, we also create custom cabinets that is styled and designed totally in line with your scheme and requirement.

Once you approve the design and estimate we get into the work right away. All through the process, we keep you informed as well as involved. Twenty one days is the normal time that we take to install from the day of your approval.
• Plethora of choices
• Wide range of product categories
• Sufficient material options ranging from hardwood to ply to particle board and fibre board
• Varieties of finish viz. pre-laminated, laminated, veneered, membrane, UV panels, acrylic, glass and steel
• Flawless products, on time delivery and within budget
• Excellent after-sales services and warranty to ensure complete satisfaction.

Project List


It's simple. Come visit our brand new showroom where you will get to meet Seema herself. Ideas Kitchens is more of a boutique concept where every visitor is given special customer care so that we are able to take time to understand your cooking lifestyle, around which an Ideas Kitchen can be designed. The next step would be to engage our design team to visit your home and do a sketch drawing of your existing kitchen. This is followed by a computer rendition of a 3D image of your proposed new kitchen.

Upon your second visit to our showroom, we will show you the layout and images of your new Ideas Kitchen. At this point in time you have the right to either reject or accept our design. we do not believe in pressure selling and neither do we force our visitors to become customers. The choice is purely yours to make. At Ideas Kitchens we believe that our designs, customer service and ability to deliver on our brand promise should reflect the brand's image.

Once you decide to move forward with transforming your old kitchen into a new Ideas Kitchen, you will be involved in every aspect of the design and installation process. The usual time period from design to installation is precisely 21 working days. No excuses. No delays. No hassle.



Modular Kitchen

"U-Shaped Kitchen"

Modular Kitchen

"Straight Kitchen"


"Wardrobe 2-Doors Sliding"


"Wardrobe Sliding with Hinged Door"

Modular Kitchen

"Peninsula Kitchen"

Modular Kitchen

"Parallel Kitchen"

TV Wall Units

"TV Wall Units"

Modular Kitchen

"L-Shaped Kitchen with Island"

Modular Kitchen

"L-Shaped Kitchen"


"Wardrobe 3-Doors Sliding"

TV Wall Units

"TV Wall Units"

Modular Kitchen

"Island Kitchen"


"Wardrobe 2-Doors Sliding"

TV Wall Units

"TV Wall Units"

TV Wall Units

"TV Wall Units"

Stainless Steel Modular Kitchens

Ideas Kitchens brings to you a whole new world of straight-line, sleek, contemporary stainless steel modular kitchens. Our kitchens bring to you different solutions for coordinating the kitchen with the living area, adding functionality and linear style to both environments.

Every detail is meticulously designed with a view to enhancing the quality of every single room while also allowing for freedom of movement. Our kitchens are a platform for a journey of constant discovery.


Goldman Sachs, ISB mentor women enterprenurs

Komal Amit Gera/Chandigarh 28 Aug 12 | 12:39AM

-Seema Khosla, an entrepreneur from Delhi, who designs, manufactures and installs modular kitchens, says that a partnership between educational and business experts can bring about a significant change through improved business education for women. She expects to increase her business eight-fold after completing the programmes.

For the Pleasure of Cooking

Hindustan Times, New Delhi Sat Dec 08,2012

-The Focus of this modular kitchen store is to provide personalised kitchens which are rich on the style quotient. utmost care is taken to accommodate individual preferences in design. For instance the outer patterns of silhouttes are designed to excude the personality type and style statements of individual clients. Even the degree of alleviations of individual components of the kitchen are determined by the customer as per her preference and conveneince. Long shutters and stylish versions of cabinets are  other striking features of this modular kitchen brand.

The Kitchen are constructed on sturdy BWP plyboards which are processed on German machines. Termite resistant options for sink and other tricky areas are other utilitarian aspects of this brand. But the biggest differentiator of this mofular kitchen store is that it offers finish at par with international kitchen brands such as Hacker and Veneta Cucine at reasonably affordable prices. This has been made possible on account of the practice of importing the components and fabricating the interiors in India in the German Plant of this brand.

This modular Kitchen brand is conscientious about using branded hardware for all creations with the perspective of ensuring sturdy and durable creations .Another striking feature is that the overall design tries to accommodate existing functional appliances of customers like water purifiers etc. The instalaation terms are professionally trained to avoid any gliches in the overall functioning of the kitchen. Prompt 21 days delivery and eficient after sales are other highpoints of this brand.




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